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The Ragdoll BAC – Important Information for Club Members, Exhibitors, Owners & Judges of Ragdolls

By 17 November 2022No Comments

Part of every BAC (breed advisory committee) function is to maintain the standard of points – the blue print for the perfect example of that breed to help breeders, exhibitors and judges in breeding, showing and judging.

The Ragdoll SOP has been long overdue a review and refresh. Many parts of the document were not very clear. Over time the type of Ragdoll being seen has changed and there were concerns that needed addressing. It needs to be made clear – there is NO change in the type of Ragdoll we should all be trying to maintain. The review has clarified the grey areas that existed within it and has made it a lot clearer on what the correct standard is.

The draft document has now left the BAC’s hands and been passed to the GCCF. From here it will be reviewed by the GCCF genetics committee and then the GCCF board of directors. At either point it could be passed back to the BAC for clarification or change. Nothing is guaranteed.

Once the document has cleared both these groups it will be placed on the agenda for approval at the next available GCCF council meeting. These meetings are three times a year and the next scheduled meeting will be February 2023. All being well the SOP will be placed on this agenda.

Once the agenda for the meeting and supporting documents are published on the GCCF website the members of the Ragdoll BAC constituent clubs (Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club and The British Ragdoll Cat Club) will view the proposed SOP. If any club member has concerns or feedback on any of the document as per GCCF procedure it is for them to contact their club GCCF council delegates to let their feelings be known.

It should be noted that at any stage of the process the proposed document can be withdrawn. By using the above process the Ragdoll BAC has conformed to both club and BAC rules