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Our thanks go to all the volunteer show reporters (past and present) including: Liz Adair, Monica Acton, Lisa Aggett, Erica Bates, Jenny Bauerfeind, Heather Bradley, Jane Brooks, Nicky Butler, Emeline Callan, Lynnette Cannell, Nybee Carter, Sally Champken, Julie Cherkas, Gemma Clarke, Teresa Cole, Marion Collins, Angela Cooper, Donna Coupland, Donna Draper, Georgie Dunstone, Alex Fisher, Vicki Fisher, Rosemary Fisher, Sarah Finch, Kate Ford, William Graham, Francesca Harrison, Ann Hobson, Sarah Holden, Sandra Humphreys Olliffe, Linda Hutchinson, Hannah Jenks, Sonia Johnston, Carole Kemp, Pat Kidd, Sarah-Ruth, Lee, Maura Lenihan, Fay Lewis, Suzanne Lewis, Morna Lincoln, Jean Lovesy, Mandy Luby, Margaret Lynch, Ian Macro, Kelly Makdissy, Frances Martin, Anna McEntee, Louise McFadyen, Heather McRae, Harry Meekings, Ed Merchant, Jordan Mooney, Sue Moreland, Jeni Nutley, Janet Osborn, Helen Parkin, Steve Parkin, Brenda Pearce, Jackie Pell, Jen Pinches, Wendy Pobgee, Veda Price, Caroline Prout, Candice Prowting, Saffi Rabey, Alison Reynolds, Karen Rima, Heather Roper, Bob Semos, Heather Simpson, Lesley Simpson, Beverley Spooner, Chris Stalker, Elisabeth Stark, Elizabeth Stewart, Lorna Taylor, Sally Tokens, Clare Treacher, Carol Walker, Christine Wall, Linda Walpole, Emma Watts, Carole Webb, Clare Whitby, Laura Whitmarsh, Julie Wilkinson, Mandy Wood, Rebecca Wood, Sandra Woodley, Sally Wrigglesworth.

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Judges should email their show reports to no later than 28 days from the show, for publication on this website. In the absence of an electronic copy, please post hard copy to: Mrs M Owen, The Old Manse, 96A Kingsway, Wellingborough, Northants. NN8 2PD

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Earlier years may be available by contacting us here.

Please advise of any errors to the Webmaster here  These are unofficial results collected by volunteers.

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