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Show Technology And Resources

STAR is GCCF’s own show fulfilment software that:

1. Allows the Show Manager to define all aspects of a show:

  • Set prices for all classes, membership, catalogues etc including self defined prices
  • Choose the Class structure from pre-defined structures, including ‘Best of’ classes
  • Add extra club defined classes
  • Manage a group of shows running together
  • Open show to entries, set Closing date and Close show
  • Choose class splits and automatically number all classes
  • Set maximum no. classes per cat
  • Select judges (pedigree and pet) and allocate judges to classes

2. Allows GCCF online users to enter cats and pay for show entries for cats they own to shows which have chosen to be administered via STAR. Including paying for additional items (club membership, catalogue, extra passes etc).

3. Allows the Show Manager or Entry Clerk to enter cats on behalf of an exhibitor (paper entries).

4. Ensures cats are only allowed to enter the correct Title, Breed and Colour classes. Also applies to miscellaneous classes (where feasible).

5. Allows the Show Manager to withdraw and/or replace cats

6. Allows the Show Manager to add, remove and replace judges.

7. Provides complete paperwork for the Show Manager to manage the show/group of shows including on show day. The most useful format is Excel, but some would be better in Word or PDF format.

i. Pre-show reports

ii. Catalogue

iii. Show table paperwork

iv. Judges’ paperwork

v. Post show paperwork

8. Provides an overall view of the show.

9. Makes extensive checks to ensure that every class has a judge, a judge is entitled to judge a class, all classes have a unique number etc.

10. Allows for post-closing date changes e.g. cats that have gained a title or have changed ownership.

11. Returns payments made by exhibitors to the club (Office function).

12. Enables the SM to choose which paperwork will be printed by the Office.

13. Posts out paperwork as requested by the Show Manager in a timely manner (Office function).

14. Provides class details for production of schedule and catalogue. Actual production of these is outside STAR: they can be produced by the Office team and charged according to the size, specification and number of copies, or can be produced by the club.

15. Allows show results to be input by the Show Manager during or after the show and allows exhibitors to view results input during the show, if required.

16. Enables a Show Manager to base a show for a new year on the structure set up for the same show in a previous year.

Please note that not all functions are to be provided by STAR software. Some aspects will require manual input by Office or show staff.

Link to the STAR Manual 

Liaising with the GCCF Office about STAR is easy, there is a direct email address and a direct phone line is planned

Office hours Monday – Thursday 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and Friday 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

It is hoped to arrange an after-hours service when staffing permits

STAR email:

STAR pricing schedule